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GoalHouse Testimonials

Saleah Hewitt

I began my fitness journey training with Gunnar and GoalHouse 4 years ago when I was 40. I am in the best shape of my life today — stronger, more toned, and more comfortable in my own skin than I was in high school, college, before kids, etc. I am more at peace with myself and I have more life balance and energy than ever before.

Ashley Wishman

In order to see progress, you have to continually be pushed and challenged to elevate your performance. I love the accountability and science behind these training methods. I'm in my late thirties with 2 kids and I have never felt or looked better. This is so much more than just exercise.

Kristen Gaskins

While the workouts are important, Goalhouse also focuses on health and nutrition outside of the gym, and the program guides clients step-by-step with accountability apps, nutrition macros goals, and sleep/recovery in mind. The combination of overall health and fitness and living them together as a lifestyle is crucial to achieving results quickly, and GoalHouse really has it dialed in. Since starting, I've maintained the same weight, increased my muscle mass by 5 lbs and deceased by body fat by 6%.

Elizabeth Donehue

Under the Goalhouse coaching, I have seen greatly improved physical fitness and at age forty, I look better than ever! But it does not end there. The most marked improvement I have experienced has been outside the gym. My overall health — physical and mental, has improved greatly. I feel better than ever! My confidence is boosted which has positively affected every area of my life.

Jess Riley

Working out with Gunnar and Goalhouse the year prior to becoming pregnant and throughout my entire pregnancy was the best thing I could’ve done for myself and for my baby. Gunnar altered my Goalhouse workouts as my pregnancy progressed to keep me and baby safe while still keeping it challenging. I regularly checked my stats by completing InBody scans, which revealed I was still building muscle mass the entire time and gained a total of 17 pounds in the 39 weeks and 5 days. Baby girl was delivered quickly and easily and above all else, healthy! Ten days postpartum, I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans with a total of 15 pounds lost.

Kristina Gagliardi

GunnarMade and the Goalhouse program have changed my life for the better. Period. I started training with Gunnar and Goalhouse after having my two babies back to back and wasn’t feeling great. The energy that he brings and encouraging attitude makes you want to crush your goals. These are the most challenging workouts I have ever done, but Gunnar keeps me consistent, doesn’t let me make excuses (which is easy to do as a tired mom) and always makes sure I’m improving.

Audrey Bird

I’ve been training with Gunnar for over 2 years now and I can say without it a doubt, his methods have changed the way I think and approach fitness and nutrition. Gunnar and GoalHouse not only make you incredibly accountable, but provide you with the tools to keep you on track. 

When I started with GoalHouse, I thought it was in shape. I worked out a ton with light weights and cardio, ate semi-healthy but wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I had plateaued. Going to Gunnar, I learned that high-intensity cardio mixed with heavier weights works – those last 5 pounds melted off. And then I started to see real muscle tone. And it keeps getting better. 

The workout is HARD. I’ve brought friends and family and they can’t believe what we do but it’s incredible and addicting. But Gunnar also listens to his clients and adjusts. I had to go through IVF and the shots and hormones made everything so difficult physically. He listened to me. And pushed me just enough and stopped when I needed it. Gunnar also trained me through my entire pregnancy. At the end, I could barely walk and was down to just using body weight for maybe 10 squats, but I made it to 8 months. After birth, the weight melted off and I attribute that to Gunnar and GoalHouse. 

Not only am I back at pre-pregnancy weight, I’m more fit than I’ve ever been. GoalHouse keeps you extremely accountable and provides nutrition guidelines to get those results. That has been a game changer for me. Learning about macros and proper caloric intake, that’s where I see the above and beyond coaching. It’s not just going to the gym and getting a workout, it’s the whole GoalHouse system.

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