Meet Your Coaches

Gunnar Moldrik

Hi, I'm Gunnar! I am the health and fitness coach behind GunnarMade. My goal is to push my clients past their potential to create a new standard of living that allows them to succeed inside and outside of the gym. 

Through personal coaching and online coaching/programs, my goal is to ensure you stay accountable during your transformation. With a holistic approach, I will help you find the balance you have been craving for so long. This means you will be able to eat food that is equally as good for you as it is tasting. I will educate you on a diet that will increase your energy, gut health, immune system and much more. Together, we can set a NEW standard of living. Make this commitment to yourself now and GET GUNNARMADE!



Mark McGuirt

Hi, I'm Mark! I am a personal trainer based in Charleston, South Carolina with over 25 years of training experience. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Education with an emphasis in Sports Medicine, and an Associate's Degree in Physical Therapy.

I specialize in Muscle Activation Techniques, a training method created to optimize muscle performance and balance the body. As a certified MATRX Professional, I implement the powerful tool of MAT to provide a physical training session that is unmatched. Also recently emerged neurocognitive (visual and sensory) training programs.

My programs make your goals a reality, whether you want to lose weight safely or improve your hand-eye coordination to perfect your tennis swing.


Meet Our Partners, Affiliates, & Preferred Vendors

What is the GoalHouse lifestyle?

Our program is simple, efficient, and effective, and we've partnered with the best technology for a data-driven approach to your overall wellbeing. 

Customized exercise programs and challenges that guarantee results. GoalHouse workouts are created with your growth in mind. They are mentally and physically challenging, pushing you to your limits and empowering you to achieve your greatest goals.

Our exclusive GoalHouse Facebook community and WHOOP group are your place to ask questions, discuss the program, and build relationships. Join the communities to get to know your GoalHouse family and learn more from our partners and other experts.

We work with the best of the best to bring you top-level fitness, wellness and nutrition resources. Our partners are just as eager to see you succeed as we are — and their products and technologies are there to accelerate your success.

Our all-inclusive portal covers time-saving hacks, mental health resources, and guides for meditation. By fully embracing the GoalHouse lifestyle, you're more likely to not only achieve your goals, but blow them out of the water.

Our Registered Dietitian has developed weekly nutrition challenges, nutrition guides, and meal plans based on your dietary preferences and individual macronutrient needs. 

Provided by the top health and wellness industry leaders in the nation, optimize your recovery and access resources on hygiene, hormones, gut health, and more, covering the best tactics for both mental and physical recovery.

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Why GoalHouse?


Traditional online group and individual fitness programs have gaps that prevent success — we noticed these and decided to take action. GoalHouse provides the tools you need to enhance your lifestyle for a complete mind and body transformation.


With GoalHouse, how hard you train is based on how hard you recovery, and our focus on data-driven technology will have you understanding your body better than ever before.

GoalHouse Programs

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